6+ Months
8+ Months
12+ Months

A must have health drink for all women!

Especially Girls after puberty, pregnant women, lactating mothers and diabetics patients. The drink mix is enriched with essential B vitamins and vitamin D. 

Give your baby the best traditional bath ever.

This chemical free, ultra-gentle powder is specially made for your baby to clean and protect their skin.

Organic bath powder for all types of skin

Get youthful and glowing skin with ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder. It is processed organically and contains 100% natural ingredients.

Natural weight loss for both men and women

Natural weight loss mix helps you to shed weight naturally without any side effects and the results are dramatic in just 2 months.

A must have nutritional drink for Kids

A nutritional drink that helps your child to grow stronger and faster.  With zero preservatives and artificial flavours.

Baby Food Chart

Recipes for Indian babies from 6 – 12 months

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