Weight Gain Combo

Weight Gain Combo


 This is a Vegetarian product.
Key Features:

  • Vegetarian
  • No added preservatives
  • Home made
  • Easy to prepare
  • Travel friendly food

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Weight Gain Combo

On an average, babies reach triple their birthweight by their first birthday. Eating the right type of food ensures that this weight gain is healthy. This combo pack of ByGrandma porridge mixes is based on whole grains that are rich sources of nutrients and help babies of different ages gain healthy weight

The porridge variants included are:

  • Baby Porridge Mix – Sprouted Ragi (for babies +6 months old)
    • It’s high calcium content builds strong teeth and bones. It also acts as a natural stress reliever and helps prevent infections.
  • Kids Porridge Mix- Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia With Almonds (for babies +1 year old)
    • Helps with weight gain, height gain and improves eyesight and digestion.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Plain Rice (for babies +6 months old)
    • Boosts stamina, aids in digestion and regularizes bowel movements.
  • Baby Porridge Mix – Ragi and Oats (for babies +1 year old)
    • Strengthens bones and teeth, acts as a good source of iron and is easy to digest.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Sprouted Multigrain and Walnuts (for babies +10 months old)
    • Aids with brain development, boosts immunity, calms the baby and maintains metabolism.

It is important to remember that each baby gains weight at a different rate. Also, weight gain must be always looked at in proportion to height gain.

Directions to use:

Mix 1 spoon of the any variant from the ByGrandma’s combo porridge mix in 100ml water until there are no lumps. Cook on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes until the porridge reaches a thick consistency. You may add a natural sweetener for taste. You may also add boiled and mashed carrots to the porridge. Cool until the porridge is lukewarm.

Method 1: While at Home

While Travelling

ByGrandma’s combo porridge mix are a great on-the-go food for infants. To prepare, gradually mix a little boiling hot water with a spoonful of porridge mix in a bowl till the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Do not mix all the water at once. You may add a natural sweetener for taste.

Method 2: While Travelling

Method 3: Drink Mode for Fussy Eaters(Self Feed Training)

Storage: Once open, empty packet in an airtight jar. Store in a cool place.

Mom and Baby Both Loves It


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ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Ragi for 6+ months

For 6+ month old babies and also for breastfeeding mothers.
Ragi, also called Finger Millet, is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. it is especially beneficial for babies and mother’s!. Also, Ragi is a natural relaxant and relieves stress. It is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and iron. It is easy to digest and curbs cravings.
Ragi Porridge Mix is 100% natural with no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It’s tasty and healthy in every bite.

ByGrandma Kids Growth Porridge Mix - Ragi and Oats For 12+ months

Ragi is considered as one of the healthiest grains for babies as it has the highest calcium content in comparison to any other grains. And if the ragi is sprouted, it increases the calcium content by almost 20%. Along with Calcium and iron, it helps in increasing the antioxidant levels and B12. On the other hand, Oats is a good source of Magnesium, fiber, Copper, Iron, zinc and other Vitamins. This Ragi and Oats porridge is packed full of nutrients and easy to digest.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Plain Rice for 6+ months

The product is especially for babies who are 6 to 8+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Its benefits include being high in fiber and nutrients it prevents constipation and blends well with other foods.

ByGrandma Kids Porridge Mix - Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds For 12+ months

When deciding on the best porridge to give to your baby, ByGrandma’s Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds porridge is a good decision. Sprouted ragi is full of nutrients like calcium, proteins, iron, and fiber. Green gram is known for its nutritional value as it is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals which offer great benefits to your babies. Dalia is rich in fiber and easy to digest for your baby.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat, Rice and Roasted Gram for 6+ months

The product is specially for babies who are 6+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and soothes an upset stomach.

16 reviews for Weight Gain Combo

Anupama sahu
4 out of 5

I bought this Product after seeing multiple review.But this product is amazing. My son likes the taste. Now I am a regular customer and tried the other products also.Kudos to the team.

Shreya Gill
5 out of 5

Verified Purchase

These porridge mixes makes hectic mother’s life easy… I personally felt the original homemade quality in them… My girl loves it too… Thanks for giving natural homemade food .

Sharmin Nagar
4 out of 5

My baby is a fussy eater and he eats only selected things so I was always worried for his health.But after knowing this weight gain combo, my all worries are totally gone.My baby happily eats this and he has gained little weight.So I am happy to have this.

Manjula Kaur
3 out of 5

Verified Purchase

I was looking for some weight gain product for my baby and then suddenly I found this one.After reading description and ingredients ,it seems nice so I ordered immediately.Yesterday I got this product.Packaging is good.My baby like the taste of sprouted ragi porridge.Extremely satisfied with the product.

Yuvika Jain
3 out of 5

Quallity is good but expensive.My lil one likes it.Even I also tasted the porridge.It is yummy and healthy.You can add little jaggery for sweetness.

Fatima shaikh
4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

My 8.5 month baby eats it all and loves it. Easy to cook and you can carry it when travel. I use only date powder as a sweetener which is healthy and much better option than sugar.

Shubham sen
3 out of 5

My 2 years old son loves to have them for snacks, but they are quite pricey.

Alankar nagar
3 out of 5

Verified Purchase

My grandson loves these! So convenient too!

Jaya Rathore
3 out of 5

Baby is Yet to taste it but packaging and quantity looks good for the price. Will update soon after trial.

4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

My sister was looking for options to feed her baby. I came across this and gifted it to her.This is a whole combo of taste and health with grain.

4 out of 5

My baby is 7 months and he is not at all gaining weight because of some infection on his body. After consulting with doctor we started giving him Bygrandma weight gain mix .And since then he started gaining weight exceptionally. It’s bit expensive but best for baby.

4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Perfect product for babies and those mother who do not have huge time to feed their babies.

Ranjana Jaiswal
5 out of 5

My 11 months baby improved his weight after having this pack..thank you Bygrandma for such a magical snacks.its taste is good

2 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Nothing great about it.i am just ok with it…

Natasha porwal
4 out of 5

Easy to make travel friendly. High in quality. Safe for babies. Marked with all safety standards. Pure organic porridge.

4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Bygrandma has great range for baby food .I am using various flavours for my little one and he loves it too

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