Master Combo

Master Combo


 This is a Vegetarian product.
Key Features:

  • Vegetarian
  • No added preservatives
  • Home made
  • Easy to prepare
  • Travel friendly food
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Master Combo

When your baby crosses the 6-month milestone, he or she can start eating solid foods. ByGrandma’s Master Combo contains 6 different porridge mixes for babies and one for their mothers. These porridge mixes for babies can be fed as a supplement to mother’s milk or as a complete meal.

The porridge variants included are:

  • Baby Porridge Mix – Sprouted Ragi (for babies +6 months old)
    • It’s high calcium content builds strong teeth and bones. It also acts as a natural stress reliever and helps prevent infections.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Broken Wheat and Moong Dal (for babies +12 months old)
    • It stimulates the appetite, enhances liver functioning and boosts energy levels.
  • Kids Porridge Mix- Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia With Almonds (for babies +12 months old)
    • Helps with weight gain, height gain and improves eyesight and digestion.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot With Almonds (for babies +12 months old)
    • Boost’s growth, increases appetite and strengthens the immune system. Also, beetroot is rich in iron and helps prevent anaemia.
  • ByGrandma Porridge Mix- Sprouted Rice, Wheat and Roasted Gram(for babies +8 months old)
    • It regulates digestion, increases energy levels, strengthens bones, builds immunity and aids in healthy weight gain.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Sprouted Multigrain and Walnuts (for babies +10 months old)
    • Aids with brain development, boosts immunity, calms the baby and maintains metabolism.
  • ByGrandma Porridge Mix – Woman’s Magic Mix (for mothers)
    • Improves skin and hair quality, boosts breastmilk production and slows down the signs of aging.

Directions to use:

Mix 1 spoon of the ByGrandma Adult Porridge Mix in 150ml water. Cook on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes. You may add a natural sweetener for taste. Add more water or milk till the mix reaches a watery consistency. Pour into a glass and enjoy your healthy drink

For the baby porridge mix:

Mix 1 spoon of the porridge mix in 100ml water until there are no lumps. Cook on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes until the porridge reaches a thick consistency. You may add a natural sweetener for taste. You may also add boiled and mashed carrots to the porridge. Cool until the porridge is lukewarm.

Method 1: While at Home

Method 2: While Travelling

Method 3: Drink Mode for Fussy Eaters(Self Feed Training)


Once open, empty packet in an airtight jar. Store in a cool place.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Ragi for 6+ months

For 6+ month old babies and also for breastfeeding mothers.
Ragi, also called Finger Millet, is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. it is especially beneficial for babies and mother’s!. Also, Ragi is a natural relaxant and relieves stress. It is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and iron. It is easy to digest and curbs cravings.
Ragi Porridge Mix is 100% natural with no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It’s tasty and healthy in every bite.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot with Almonds For 12+ months

Everyone needs carbs, proteins, and minerals, but these nutrients are much more crucial for your baby as they are growing at a faster rate. Give your baby a balanced diet to boost his growth. Carbs-rich wheat is the best source of energy for your growing baby. Beetroots are packed with an abundance of minerals like Vitamins A, B, C, K and E and Calcium, iron etc.

ByGrandma Kids Porridge Mix - Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds For 12+ months

When deciding on the best porridge to give to your baby, ByGrandma’s Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds porridge is a good decision. Sprouted ragi is full of nutrients like calcium, proteins, iron, and fiber. Green gram is known for its nutritional value as it is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals which offer great benefits to your babies. Dalia is rich in fiber and easy to digest for your baby.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Plain Rice for 6+ months

The product is especially for babies who are 6 to 8+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Its benefits include being high in fiber and nutrients it prevents constipation and blends well with other foods.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat, Rice and Roasted Gram for 6+ months

The product is specially for babies who are 6+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and soothes an upset stomach.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Broken Wheat and Moong Dal For 12+ Months

Growing bodies need a lot of proteins and energy. Broken wheat is full of nutrients, fiber, and carbohydrates which are easy to digest. Moong dal is also a good source of protein. ByGrandma’s Broken Wheat and Moong Dal Porridge is a nutritious combination for your babies which can be prepared instantly.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat and Apple with Almonds

ByGrandma’s Baby Porridge Mix Sprouted Wheat & Apple with Almonds is a naturally processed baby food. Apples and almonds are packed with essential minerals which contributes for the nourishment of the baby. Almonds also contain Vitamin E which improves memory power and keeps the baby healthy. Apples contain an antioxidant which protects the baby from diseases. Home prepared food is the most preferred food for the baby, ByGrandma is here to fill this gap of requirement.

21 reviews for Master Combo

5 out of 5

Verified Purchase

I have ordered for this but one was missed and sent lateer, all the flavours are good my kid liked it

Ashwin sethupathy
4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

This combo pack contain 7 separate porridge mixes.All are great taste ,nice and crunchy, loved it totally.It is value for money.A good and quick food for kids and their moms.

Simran Shah
4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Delicious product, a must have for a healthy breakfast routine. Or you can have it anytime. I am going to order it again.

Siya rao
4 out of 5

This combo product is good and I’m using this product from last 1 year for my child and very happy for this product. Thank you Bygrandma

4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

I tried the woman’s magic mix.It is quite good .It improves my hair quality as well as skin and boosts breastmilk production.So I am happy to recommend this product to every mom if you want to increase breastmilk.

5 out of 5

I tried almost all the combo of Bygrandma. Excellent product and yummy in taste. The only cons is that some of the products are bit expensive.

Shweta Rao
3 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Product is good But too expensive.

3 out of 5

My son loves it. Ragi is good for kids and its unique taste makes it a good food for the kids.. I give it with salt and ghee and my son 1.5 years old finishes it faster.

sherlyn sham
3 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Very good product. I give it to my baby twice a week and she loves it. The product is in a jar which keeps the powder fresh.

4 out of 5

Great to see an organic and healthy food product in the market that is tasty ensuring that kids get their fruit and vegetables quota for the day!

Mira seth
3 out of 5

Verified Purchase

2nd time purchasing for my baby. Love these especially during long travels.Sometimes I add fruits to the mix. It also arrived nicely packed in a jar.

3 out of 5

Happy to see these all products in a combo pack.My baby loves all this flavours except ragi.

Sandeep sharma
4 out of 5

Verified Purchase

I love being able to throw these in the baby bag and know I’ll have a mess-free snack to satisfy all of the kids.

aryan khanna
5 out of 5

my kids simply loved it. i bought it just before our travel. it is super easy to prepare while you are on go. healthy option. moms don’t get any guilt. super amazing cereal

2 out of 5

Verified Purchase

little bit costly product but quality is good

4 out of 5

Good taste and smell my baby loves it.But price should be lower

swara sitaraman
1 out of 5

Verified Purchase

product is good but my kid didn’t like some of the flavours.So this combo is totally waste for me.I am trying individual mix which is liked my baby.Also price is high.

5 out of 5

It has so many porridge mixes that I need not to worry for my next month travel snack.I bought it for my baby and for me.I already tasted the individual pack and it was yummy.

2 out of 5

Verified Purchase

price is high but good quality

Lavanya joshi
4 out of 5

I have been ordering Bygrandma since the time I have started weening solids to my baby. Absolutely well balanced, safe healthy food for babies.Little costly but value for money.

5 out of 5

Verified Purchase

Excellent! Healthy porridge mix, my baby has gained weight after feeding the Multigrain and walnut mix it’s really good to start babies with healthy mixed grain porridge, he is healthy and fit now, thanks for product and on time delivery.

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