Plain Rice Porridge Mix  (Stage 2)

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  This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Plain Rice Powder – contains Palam Candy, Rice Flour and 3 other herbs that help in digestion for babies.
  • Important Notice: Mother’s milk is best for your baby

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Plain Rice Porridge Mix (Stage 2)

6 to 8+ months. 100% Natural. Simple to make. Easy to digest!

The product is especially for babies who are 6 to 8+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and less likely to cause allergic reactions. Several benefits include high on fiber and nutrients, prevents constipation and blends well with other foods.


Plain Rice

Directions to use:

  1. Take 100 ml water in a bowl and add one big spoon of ByGrandma Plain Rice Porridge Mix and make it in a watery consistency. To ensure there are no lumps,  keep stirring while adding the Porridge powder.
  2. You can take the vessel to stove and put it on medium flame. Keep Stirring constantly for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. For better taste, you can add a natural sweetener like palm candy for taste (Optional)
  4. The Plain Rice Porridge Mix is all set to fill your baby’s tummy!

Tips: After making the porridge, separately cook and mash sweet Potato puree and add to the porridge to enhance the taste or flavor.


Best served when the Plain Rice Porridge is lukewarm!.

Key features:

  • Highly nutritious containing a good mix of  iron, calcium, minerals and protein
  • Easy to digest and curbs frequent hunger pangs
  • Simple to make with the use of few ingredients
  • 100% vegetarian

How it can be a supplement to baby

Undoubtedly, the best baby food is breast milk. One should continue breastfeeding till the baby wants. So, to make your baby habituated to foods and flavours apart from breast milk, plain rice porridge can be introduced. It aids in overall development by providing all the essential nutrients. Also, it makes the baby less cranky making them full for a long time.
Once, you are sure about the nutrients required, you can supplement your baby’s food intake with this homemade recipe which is safe, natural and healthy. Also, the porridge helps in normal bowel movements for the baby.

How it can be a supplement to breastfeeding mothers?


To regain the energy after breastfeeding, mothers need supplement that will aid the milk production. This porridge, which is easy to digest, gluten-free and rarely causes allergic reactions or sensitivities is also a much needed food. Also, the porridge provides the energy to fight illness!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have used stage 1 food for my baby. why don’t you provide stage 1,2,3 products as a combo? It is easy for us and beneficial for you as well.

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