Evening Scacks Combo Baby Food

Evening Scacks Combo Baby Food


 This is a Vegetarian product.
Key Features:

  • Vegetarian
  • No added preservatives
  • Home made
  • Easy to prepare
  • Travel friendly food
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Evening Scacks Combo Baby Food

Children often feel hungry between meals. ByGrandma’s evening Snack Combo is easy for mothers to whip up in a few minutes, tasty and wholesome. These healthy snacks are easy to digest and will keep your baby satiated till meal time.

The porridge variants included are:

  • ByGrandma Porridge Mix- Sprouted Wheat and Apple With Almonds
    • Curbs hunger pangs, increases immunity, controls cholesterol and promotes mental development.
  • Baby Porridge Mix- Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot With Almonds
    • Boost’s growth, increases appetite and strengthens the immune system. Also, beetroot is rich in iron and helps prevent anaemia.
  • Kids Porridge Mix- Sprouted Wheat, Carrot With Almonds & Dates
    • Strengthens immunity and builds strong teeth, bones and cartilage. Dates also increase the baby’s RBC count.

Directions to use:

Mix 1 spoon of the any variant from the ByGrandma’s combo porridge mix in 100ml water until there are no lumps. Cook on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes until the porridge reaches a thick consistency. You may add a natural sweetener for taste. You may also add boiled and mashed carrots to the porridge. Cool until the porridge is lukewarm.

While Travelling

ByGrandma’s combo porridge mix are a great on-the-go food for infants. To prepare, gradually mix a little boiling hot water with a spoonful of porridge mix in a bowl till the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Do not mix all the water at once. You may add a natural sweetener for taste.


Once open, empty packet in an airtight jar. Store in a cool place.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot with Almonds For 12+ months

Everyone needs carbs, proteins, and minerals, but these nutrients are much more crucial for your baby as they are growing at a faster rate. Give your baby a balanced diet to boost his growth. Carbs-rich wheat is the best source of energy for your growing baby. Beetroots are packed with an abundance of minerals like Vitamins A, B, C, K and E and Calcium, iron etc.

ByGrandma Kids Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat, Carrot with Almonds and Dates For 12+ months

This ByGrandma’s Porridge Mix contains dates, sprouted and dried roasted wheat and carrot. Wheat brings with itself a trove of essential benefits for the growth of your baby. Wheat is also known as the powerhouse of carbohydrates which is a good source of energy. It promotes digestion. Now your baby doesn’t have to struggle with just plain wheat tastes. Along with wheat, this porridge has dried carrot which is a good source of Vitamin C. It has an important role in teeth building, maintaining strong bones and cartilage. This porridge is easy to prepare and is tasty.

ByGrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Wheat and Apple with Almonds

ByGrandma’s Baby Porridge Mix Sprouted Wheat & Apple with Almonds is a naturally processed baby food. Apples and almonds are packed with essential minerals which contributes for the nourishment of the baby. Almonds also contain Vitamin E which improves memory power and keeps the baby healthy. Apples contain an antioxidant which protects the baby from diseases. Home prepared food is the most preferred food for the baby, ByGrandma is here to fill this gap of requirement.

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